Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

The Challenge

CPPIB is required by law to hold countrywide stakeholder meetings every two years. A typical approach would require the President and Chair of the fund to travel to nine cities over eight days, holding several meetings with local media, academics, and public interest groups.

The Solution

In 2012 and again in 2014, helped CPPIB replace their cross-country tour with a 90 minute virtual meeting. Live audiences assembled in nine conference centres across the country. The sessions were available online via video webcast and accessible on demand afterwards through Youtube.

The Result

CPPIB now provides an update on the operations and performance of the fund, as well as answers questions from stakeholders on issues of interest to them, all in a single 90-minute session. Further, archived versions of each year’s session are available on the fund’s website for on-demand viewing by interested members of the public and stakeholders.

View the Youtube Broadcast