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Bring your content to life — with an experience that audio just can’t match

When was the last time you got excited about a webinar?

Video communicates credibility and conviction. It engages as it educates. And it does so it in a way that audio presentations simply can’t duplicate.

If your organization needs a better way to connect with today’s audiences, consider We breathe human life into remote presentations, making your message impactful, easy to understand and enjoyably trouble-free.

When you work with, your content is filmed by one of the industry’s premier production houses and can be broadcast live or on-demand anywhere that satellite or Internet can reach. We have a constantly-growing network of hotels and conference facilities across the country that we use to deliver content to local audiences, or we can deliver directly to the audience’s computers.

We have the broadcast experience to help you determine what you want to say, who’s going to say it, and how to say it best. The technical knowledge to handle production, broadcasting, infrastructure and logistics. And the project management skills to take care of the details while you concentrate on impressing your audience.

With you’re covered end-to-end for business development events, virtual road shows, town hall meetings, continuing education and more. Bring your content to life.

* is the EdTech / E-Learning subsidiary of BankWorks Trading Inc.

  • Mutual Fund Dealer

    The incoming chief compliance officer of a mutual fund dealer (company name withheld for privacy reasons) was surprised at how few suspicious transaction reports were being reported by the firm’s financial advisors. He suspected that its anti-money laundering programming lacked impact because it focused too much on the technicalities of the law.

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